Trump’s thoughts on losing the election.

Trump's thoughts on losing the election.

He has said before that he will not hand over power easily if he loses the November election. He told reporters yesterday that he would not hand over power normally.

“We want to see what actually happens,” he told a news conference. He thinks the outcome of the presidential election could ultimately be determined by the US Supreme Court. He expressed doubts about postal voting.

Many states are being encouraged to vote by mail in order to protect themselves from the corona virus. The US presidential election is going to be held on November 3. Democrat Joe Biden is Donald Trump’s rival in this election.

Donald Trump’s remarks raised new questions about the transfer of power. The U.S. presidential election is expected to have more votes by mail and in-mail than ever before. In this context, President Donald Trump said, “You know, I complained about the postal vote.”

This process is a catastrophic one. President Donald Trump said there would have been no need for a transfer of power if there had not been an extended postal vote during the ongoing Corona epidemic. Everything can be peaceful without a postal ballot. In that case, there was no need to transfer power.

President Donald Trump has questioned the postal vote since the beginning of his campaign. Claiming that the voting system was flawed and controversial, he called for its repeal. Although his claim was eventually rejected, Parliament again approved a resolution.

Opposition Democrats and analysts say President Donald Trump has been opposed to mail-in voting to gain electoral advantage. Presidential elections are held weekly in the United States. It is not possible for many to vote in one day. With this in mind, the postal voting system was introduced to facilitate their voting.

Not only employees who vote in this system but also elderly and sick people will be able to vote in this system. This time, due to the Corona epidemic, many people are thinking that they will take advantage of the mail-in vote. Trump denied the results of the 2016 presidential election against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.


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