Trump’s new style in America.

Trump's new style in America.

The Trump administration on Tuesday announced new legislation for high-skilled foreign staff recruiters. The law will take effect on Thursday. U.S. companies have introduced new pay scales for foreign workers on H.1.B visas, replacing relatively low-paid U.S. employees. The Trump administration believes this will ensure employment for Americans in Corona.

At the time of joining the job, those who come on H.1.B visa will get 4 percent of the salary or allowance fixed by the mill or corporation. Which will be 17 percent more than the present. Ken Kuchinel, Trump’s deputy secretary of homeland security, told the media that the new rules would affect one-third of companies applying for H.1.B visas.

And American workers will benefit from this system. Because, companies have to choose an approach, to bring in foreign workers at higher wages or hire local workers at lower wages. Deputy Secretary of Labor Patrick Pizzella said American immigration policy should ensure the priority of American workers. The existing practice was to remove Americans from high- paying and middle-class jobs and rehabilitate foreigners.

According to the current practice, the annual quota of H.1.B visa is 85,000, but in reality, more than 5 lakh foreigners are working in corporations. One of Trump’s main promises in the last election to end this situation was America First. To that end, President Trump is taking various steps to change immigration policy. Last week, the State Department said the money would provide shelter to only 15,000 refugees a year.

3 thousand less than last financial year. In 2016, in Obama’s last year, that number was one lakh 10 thousand. Joe Biden has vowed to increase it to 16 million if he wins the next election. Trump has previously expressed a desire to limit family quotas. Trump imposed a temporary ban on importing workers from the last week of June to December 31 on the pretext of coronation.

Last week, a federal court declared the order illegal. According to various sources, the latest information technology companies will not leave this rule unchallenged. Because if this rule comes into force, the medium type company including the new company will have to face a big push to bring skilled workers and employees. Many will not be able to pay the extra salary as they will struggle to run the organization due to lack of skilled people.

It will take about 60 days for the new rules to take effect. In the meantime, the visa regime may change. Those who are interested in coming for the job must have a degree of experience in that job. The rules may be changed as the degree of any technical institute will not be enough. They may also have to give details of how they have acquired high proficiency knowledge on the application form and for the visa and may be questioned during the interview.

H.1.B visa applicants work mainly in the information technology sector. developers. In addition, architects, accountants, physicists, medical scientists, physiotherapists and people of different professions get visas. Many American doctors do not have the mentality to go to rural areas and work in hospitals and clinics. Foreigners come to make up for that lack.

They got a green card sponsored by the company in their job vacancy. There are many such green card holders. Analyzing the impact of Trump’s new style, the New York Times cited the example of a new doctor’s annual salary at a clinic in the backward Northeast of Pennsylvania ranging from 120000 Millions to 130000 Millions According to the new system, if a foreign doctor is brought, his salary will have to start from one lakh 95 thousand dollars to two lakh dollars.

Philadelphia Immigration Attorney William Stock said physicians in remote areas need prior experience in the job and that is why they get paid and more. In other words, in some cases, the doctors joining the new job will get a higher salary than the supervisor of the hospital-clinic. As a result, many hospital-clinic veterans will lose interest in bringing in new doctors from abroad.


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