The way Trump abused his sister.

The way Trump abused his sister.

The US presidential election is approaching. In the meanwhile, one embarrassing situation after another is being faced by the presidential candidate Donald Trump. Criticism of the Trump administration over its failure to control the corona virus situation is endless.

Among them are family members and critics of Trump. A secret audio recording of Trump’s older sister has been released. In it, he insulted the US President by calling him a cruel liar.

The recording was published by the Washington Post. The audio was recorded during 2018-2019. In that 15-hour audio, President Trump is heard harshly criticizing his older sister Marianne Trump Berry.

According to Berry, Trump has no policy ethics. He cannot be trusted. Marianne Trump has sharply criticized President Trump’s immigration policy.

According to him, this policy will separate children from their parents. Marianne Trump Berry said she wants Trump to do everything on her own. His principles have nothing to do with morality. His tweets are full of regrets and lies.

“It’s completely hypocrisy,” Marianne said in a statement on immigration policy. It’s hypocrisy and cruelty, Donald cruelty.

His sister also claimed that Trump was fraudulently admitted to the University of Pennsylvania. The secret recording was made by Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Last month, Mary published an autobiography criticizing Uncle Trump. ‘Too Much And Never Enough How My Family Created The World’ Most Dangerous Man.


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