The US spy plane entered the airspace.

The US spy plane entered the airspace.

China incited war against America. Complaints against America for crossing the airspace. They claim that US spy planes have crossed the airspace and entered Chinese territory. Beijing claims U.S. spy plane U-2 has been seen flying over Chinese airspace.

These efficient aircraft capable of flying at much higher altitudes are one of the weapons of the United States. With which America is keeping an eye on China. This American spy plane is capable of defending itself from any missile attack from over 7,000 feet. As a result, it has become a major threat to China.

U.S. spy planes have been patrolling Chinese airspace since the northern commanders of China’s People’s Liberation Army were engaged in military exercises. In this context, Washington has stated that U-2 aircraft is flying to Asia Pacific in accordance with international rules.

This aircraft did not violate any international rules. In return, they claim that China is angry that it did not recognize the planes in advance, so they are talking baseless. The United States has two powerful warplanes ready for exercises in the South China Sea. This picture has not been seen anywhere in the South China Sea in the last six years.

As a result, in the context of China’s new expansion of power, such incidents have raised serious concerns. There are two US B-1S and B-2S aircraft in the South China Sea. There are also Japanese warships and stockpiles. It is believed that China is scared of this.

America’s Cold War with China continues. That conflict has been escalating since the Corona infection. A few days ago, Taiwan complained that several Chinese warplanes were seen flying over the Taiwan Strait on the Taiwan border.


Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has expressed concern to US Health Secretary Alex Azar.Taiwan already knew that China’s eyes would be reddened. China did not like the US Secretary of Health’s visit.

The United States has not had diplomatic relations with Taiwan since 1979. They took all these steps on the side of China in the then situation. Recently, however, the picture has changed after the deterioration of relations between China and the United States. Beijing claims that Taiwan is a part of China.


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