The current situation of the US presidential election.

The current situation of the US presidential election.

This time around, both Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are focusing on digital platforms for the US presidential election campaign. So to determine the result, you have to see who is spending how much money in which state behind the advertisement of different digital platforms including television.


In this regard, the names of six states have come up. These are Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona. The bulk of the proceeds from advertising in the six state TV channels now come from the two parties’ promotional funds.


As of Sept. 11, two candidates had spent 70 million on TV advertising in 14 states, according to advertising research firm Advertising Analytics. Eighty-five percent of the ads went to these six states. The Democratic Party is ahead in terms of spending money.


Joe Biden and his support group are spending about 90% of their campaign funds in these six states. And Donald Trump has spent 78% of their funds. Alongside Ohio and Iowa, Trump is focusing on Minnesota, New Hampshire and Nevada.


Hillary Clinton won in 2016 in these three states. So Donald Trump is paying more attention here. Biden has so far spent 1,00,00,090 million in three states. And the Trump camp has spent 3,00,00,010 million dollars.


Surely Donald Trump wants to snatch three states from the Democrats. Again, according to media reports, Donald Trump has not spent any money in Colorado. In Georgia, on the other hand, Biden and his supporters have spent 5000$.


In contrast, Donald Trump has spent 1,00,00,028 million. However, it is learned that Biden camp will start spending money here from next month. For this, they have allocated 30000090 million dollars.


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