The Brazilian president threatened the journalist.

The Brazilian president threatened the journalist.

Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro holds a press conference every Sunday. As usual this Sunday he appeared at a press conference at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Brasilia.

There, a journalist questioned his wife’s involvement in corruption. Brazilian President Bolsonaro lost his temper.

He threatened to punch the journalist in the face. He then left the press conference room without answering or commenting on any further questions.

“I want to punch you in the face with one punch after another,” Bolsonaro told a Globe reporter.

After saying this, all the journalists present opposed his comment. The press conference threatened to boycott. Began criticizing the president’s remarks. At that moment, Bolsonaro left the press room saying nothing more.

After the incident, journalists from various Brazilian newspapers questioned the president’s prudence and responsibility. Criticized against Bolsonaro. As a representative of the people, he cannot treat journalists like that.

Recently published in a magazine, that retired police officers Fabrisi and Quiroz. Who is a childhood friend of Bolsonaro. He has been accused of corruption.

Bolasonaro’s son, a former adviser, has also been accused of corruption. The former police officer and Bolsonaro’s son are currently under investigation for corruption. Bolsonaro’s son is currently a Brazilian senator.

The investigation shows that Bolsonaro’s wife and Michelle Bolsonaro are involved in this corruption. The former police officer sent money to Michelle Bolsonaro’s bank between 2011 and 2016.

When a Globe reporter asked the president about all this, he got angry and threatened her.


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