Tensions between China and the United States at the UN.

Tensions between China and the United States at the UN.

Tensions between the United States and China erupted at the UN session after US President Donald Trump blamed China for spreading the corona virus around the world. Donald Trump has called on China to be held accountable for spreading the Corona virus

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said in a statement that he has no intention of going to war with any country. The two countries are in dispute over a number of issues. This year’s UN conference in New York is being held in a virtual way. In this way world leaders are providing recorded speeches.

For this reason, the images of political events seen in the big UN sessions are missing this time. One representative from each member country is participating in the proceedings of the session. This is creating a war of words between one country and another.

But every time President Donald Trump has highlighted his success in his speeches at the UN General Assembly, he has also accused rival China of spreading the corona epidemic around the world and called for accountability.

The coronavirus has infected the world by stopping travel within China from the beginning but continuing flights from China. When they canceled flights within the country and kept citizens at home, they thought of a travel ban on their country.

Donald Trump himself is under pressure ahead of the US election to deal with the corona virus. Accusing Beijing of leaking information, he said they could have prevented the virus from spreading. The death toll from the corona virus has exceeded two million in the United States.

The highest trade in the world is the persecution of Muslims in Hong Kong and Xinjiang provinces and disputes between the United States and China over several issues. In his remarks, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned of a clash of civilizations and called the allegations baseless.

We are trying to resolve our disputes with other countries through dialogue and negotiation. We don’t just want to develop ourselves. He says no country has the right to influence global affairs.

In his speech, President Xi also said that China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, will reduce its emissions by 2030. And by 2060, it has announced to reduce carbon emissions to zero.


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