Lionel Messi goal gave Argentina victory.

Lionel Messi goal gave Argentina victory.

Argentina played its last match on November 18 last year. The Albiceleste drew 2-2 in that match against Uruguay. After that the team has not been on the field for about eleven months. After a long absence, Messi has given the fans a great victory by playing in the World Cup qualifiers in Latin America. Argentina got off to a good start in the qualifying round by beating Ecuador 1-0 yesterday.Lionel Messi scored the winning goal for the team.

Lionel Messi scored against Brazil and Uruguay in November last year. After a long day, he came down to the field and scored again. All in all, the football star scored the 71st goal in Argentina’s jersey. Messi has long held the record for most goals in an Argentine jersey. Batistuta scored 54 goals in two overs. The goal in front of Messi is to surpass himself.

Messi’s performance has not been affected by the controversy with Barcelona. He is still playing great football in club and national team jerseys, scoring goals and scoring goals with his teammates. Creating terror in the opponent’s defense line. After yesterday’s win against Ecuador, Messi is talking about the awfulness of the Corona virus situation.

This year is going through a lot of problems, he said. In this situation, it is really great to play in the jersey of the Argentina national team again and give people the gift of joy. Let everyone in Argentina be more courageous. We knew it was going to be a very difficult match, he said of the World Cup qualifier against Ecuador. But most importantly, we won.

Now we have to work to move forward. He wants to run for the World Cup qualifier challenge. It’s very important to start with a win, Messi said. Because the World Cup qualifiers are very challenging. The matches here are always tough. And we’ve been
out of the game for a long time and waiting.

Uruguay also started with a win in the Latin American qualifiers. They lost 2-1 to Chile. Luis Suarez and Maximiliano Gomez scored for Uruguay. Alexis Sanchez, on the other hand, scored a goal for Chile. There has been controversy over Suarez’s

Chile has complained that the referee made the wrong decision. Former Chilean footballer Zamorano says Uruguay have won, with Paraguay and Peru drawing 2-2 in the other qualifiers.


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