I have no faith in Trump’s words.

I have no faith in Trump's words.

Donald Trump has promised that the antidote to corona will arrive very soon. But is the claim of someone who is constantly coming up with misleading information about Atimari credible at all? Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris raised such a question during the election debate. They said they had no faith in Trump’s words. Only take the antidote if you are assured by the doctors.

Earlier, the controversy between Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden escalated. They are even seen attacking each other personally. His rival, Kamala Harris, had a heated argument with incumbent Vice President and Republican candidate Mike Pence in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

Kamala Harris said that the Donald Trump government has completely failed to handle the situation in Corona. There is no precedent for such a failure in US history. Facebook and Twitter recently removed Donald Trump’s post for giving misleading information about Kovid. Many have questioned how he behaved as if he was the president of the country.

In that context, Kamala Harris further said, ‘I will take the antidote only if the doctors assure me. I will be in front of the line to take the antidote. But Donald Trump’s words alone do not raise the question of taking antidote. In response, Mike Pence said, “We will bring the antidote in record time.” I will bring the antidote in less than a year that no one has ever heard before. Potential antidotes made by five companies are currently in the third phase of trials. We are making doses of millions of antidotes.

Do not break people’s confidence in this way. Please do not do politics with this. However, this claim of Mike Pence has been refuted by the health experts of that country. According to them, although the antidote may come towards the end of next year, there is no possibility that the antidote will arrive before then.

Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the vaccine could arrive in mid-2021. There is no possibility before that. More than 210,000 people have died in the United States so far in the wake of the novel Corona. The number of victims is about 75 Millions.


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