Formation of new political parties in Saudi.

Formation of new political parties in Saudi.

Some of them are in UK, some are in America and some are in Canada or any other country. Everyone is exiled from Saudi Arabia. Together they formed a political party. Yahya Asiri, a Saudi human rights activist in exile in the UK, said his goal was to establish a democratic government in Saudi Arabia.

The new party is named after the National Assembly Party. A statement from the group said the Saudi government was pursuing a policy of violence and repression. Many political activists have been arrested and unwarranted action is being taken against them. They are also being killed.

Mr. Asiri is a former Air Force officer. He said the team was formed at a very critical time. M Al Rashid, a spokesman for the party and a UK education activist, said they had no form of hostility against the ruling royal family. Government repression policy is on the rise, so this is the most important time for them to form a party.

Many think that the king of the eighties handed over the power of the country to his beloved son. Apart from the Ministry of Defense, he was also responsible for the petroleum company Aramco and the country’s economic reforms. The post of Deputy Prime Minister was in his possession.

According to some experts, this new political party could cause major problems for Saudi Arabia’s rulers. Because, now the income from selling crude oil has decreased a lot. Corona is no longer in demand. On top of that, they are also hosting the G-20 summit. This conference will be in November. Besides, various questions have also been raised about the future king and the current Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

He allegedly arrested his opponents for various reasons. He was also involved in the 2018 assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khasogi. Saudi officials have all denied the prince’s role. His reforms and various programs are also being debated in Saudi Arabia.

In this situation, 84 year old Raja Salman gave a speech in a video conference at the United Nations. There he has made various criticisms of Iran. He accused Iran of trying to disrupt peace by carrying out terrorist activities and violence.


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