Fighting in America after the death of the judge.

Fighting in America after the death of the judge.

In the November 3 election in the United States, Donald Trump is far behind his Democrat rival Joe Biden in most of the opinion polls. In a poll a week ago (BBC), Trump was 7 percentage points behind his opponent.

But with the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bedd’s Ginsberg on Friday, six weeks before the election, many observers have speculated that the numbers could change. The dream of Donald Trump to be re-elected very easily by relying on job growth has turned into a nightmare due to the Covid epidemic.

Opinion polls show that Republicans are reluctant to vote this time around because of the government’s role in tackling the epidemic. Many have even decided to vote for Democrats. But there has been controversy over who will replace the late Justice Ginsberg, and the Covid epidemic issue has been largely suppressed.

Many political observers say the Trump camp now wants the debate to continue until the election and that the same can be used to bring back angry Republican supporters because of Kovid. The day after Justice Ginsberg’s death, President Donald Trump announced that he would quickly nominate a judge to fill the vacancy.He said he would announce the name of his nominee by Friday or Saturday.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has also protested. No new judge can be appointed before their election. If the president does that, it will be an abuse of power.

The BBC’s Anthony Zucker in North America says just 46 days before the election, President Donald Trump has a rare opportunity to appoint a third Supreme Court judge and will take advantage of it. But it is uncertain whether he will appoint a judge before November 3.

The BBC reporter thinks that if President Donald Trump does not rush into appointing a judge now under pressure and loses the election, he will have appointed a judge of his choice with Republicans in the Senate before the new Congress and the new president take office. Can do.


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