Donald Trump was nominated.

Donald Trump was nominated

The presidential election is going to be held on November 3 in the United States. Donald Trump will run for the presidency for the second time on a Republican ticket in this election.

If all goes well, Donald Trump will receive official recognition from the party on Monday.

Donald Trump’s nomination was confirmed at a Republican party conference in Charlotte, Northern California, on this day.

President Donald Trump is under a lot of pressure before the election. The Republicans’ position has been shaken by the inability to deal with the ongoing Corona virus epidemic, the failure to tackle the apartheid movement, and the immigration policy.

But Donald Trump said differently. He insists that the opposition Democrats may use dishonest means to come to power.

He said they wanted to steal the election. Only a fraudulent election can be the only way to snatch this electoral victory from us.

The ordeal on the first day of the convention was in front of Donald Trump. The US President outlined the overall situation in the country.

He highlighted whether the country is taking the right steps to deal with Corona.

There, Donald Trump received the 1276 votes needed to win the party’s nomination for the presidency for the second time.

While wearing a mask was mandatory at the conference, many did not follow suit. Even when it comes to social distance, Donald Trump has not been seen to do so.

He was seen giving a one-hour marathon speech and many people were seen crowding in front of the stage.


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