Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading in public opinion. Incumbent President Donald Trump is leading the charge. Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump in opinion polls in Minnesota, Virginia, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Due to the corona virus epidemic, most voters are expected to vote in advance and by post this year. But Donald Trump is objecting to such an arrangement. His idea is that there could be a risk of election fraud through postal voting. Donald Trump has repeatedly accused the postal ballot of corruption, including vote theft.

However, election observers say there has never been a major incident of fraud and deception in the past. In Georgia, meanwhile, early voting is set to begin on October 12 and run until October 30.

The polling stations will be open for 12 hours every day from 7 am to 7 pm. Early voting has been arranged by post at most centers due to fears of coronavirus infection. Besides, a direct debate between the two candidates is scheduled to start on September 29.

Many feel that the electoral debate could take a turn after the debate. But the sudden death of Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth Ginsberg has changed many accounts. The people of the United States have a very clear idea of ​​the socially liberal and conservative trend.

Criminals will be able to cast their ballots A Florida court ruled in Florida in 2018 that criminals could be included in the voter list. However, if the government is paid a thousand dollars or government debt, including fines. Last week, the Eleventh Circuit Court upheld the ruling in a lower court in Florida.

Since then, criminals in Florida have been advertising on TV to pay fines. The state of Florida in the United States has raised 16 million to enable offenders to vote among registered voters.


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